Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Yum yum

Having figured out (sort of) how to feed himself, Damon has recently gotten into feeding other people. He'll use his sticky, slobbery little hand to pick up a piece of cereal, get my attention, and open his mouth as a hint for me to do the same (he is pretty persistent). Then, he shoves the pre-moistened morsel into my mouth, looks very pleased with himself, and immediately picks up another.

As you may imagine, I have to toughen my gag reflex to fully participate in this little practice, cute as it is. But even then, I have my limits. Just now, for example, Damon had just absently shoved some little graham cracker snack into his mouth when he glanced at me. I must have looked hungry, because he toddled over, pulled the half-chewed cracker out of his mouth, held it out and opened his mouth. Mmm. I let him have that one.