Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So, apparently our due date estimates are really good.

Damon Steven Brown
Due date: May 8
Born: May 8, 12:13 pm
7 lbs. 12 oz., 20 inches

Yes, this is my second baby in a row delivered a little past noon on my due date. I'm not sure how we've achieved this level of precision in childbearing, but it sure is convenient.

You should go to Steven's blog for more info, pics and videos.

I was previously kind of uncertain over the idea of having a boy. But many of you know that I have an (arguably healthy) obsession for my husband. Damon's like a pocket-sized Steven that I get to dress in dinosaur onesies. And he has soft, soft black hair and a dimple in his cheek and a manly little cleft chin and he likes me better than anyone. So, I've definitely been converted to baby boys. Or at least my baby boy. I really, really, really like him.

Monday, May 2, 2011

They're really just guidelines, anyway.

Hungry Hippos and I hit 39 weeks yesterday, and are still quite attached to each other (and ripening nicely). I've been a lot more chill during this pregnancy than I was with my previous two. There are some factors that I think have contributed to this:
  • I have two other kids now that I have to worry about, so I don't have time or energy to obsess over the pregnancy
  • I skipped several of the monotonous OB appointments, and it made the pregnancy go a lot faster
  • I haven't felt as hormonally hypercharged as I did during my previous pregnancies, which I attribute to this baby's being a boy
  • Different expectations: Carmen broke me in by coming on her due date, with no prior signs - I just woke up in the morning, and she was ready to come out (Olivia was a week early, with plenty of forewarning)
  • My sweet mommy isn't coming out to help until Saturday, so I feel less pressure for him to come early, and in fact, it would be more convenient for him to be precisely punctual
  • I had a bunch of stuff I needed to get done by the end of April, so it was nice to be able to finish it
  • We don't have a first name for him yet, anyway
Last night (while I was awake, having to visit the loo every 15 minutes) I realized that part of the stress of the baby waiting game is that we often perceive due dates as deadlines rather than estimates. I know that's what I've done: if they're not here by my calculated 40 weeks, they're LATE! But that seems awfully unfair. Hungry Hippos doesn't even know how to count yet, and I'm sure he's growing as fast as he can. It's convenient that we have a general idea of about when he might emerge, for planning purposes, but if he's not ready yet to leave his nice, round home, well, he's not ready. And while I wouldn't say I'm comfy, we still make a nice, waddle-y team.

Last week I knew he wasn't ready to come out. But, I am feeling now like he might be ready this week.