Saturday, October 22, 2011

12 hours, uninterrupted

It's been over a week now, so I feel comfortable saying that it's official: Damon is sleeping through the night. As in, 7:30 to 7:30.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Clothing the world's smallest bottom

This summer I ventured (forced by nature, chlorine, and cheapness) into a new domain in sewing: swim suits. Midway through the summer, Olivia's swimming suit died - one day the lycra just decided it had had enough, and we walked away from the pool with Olivia's swim shirt drooping past her knees.

At that point, I could have bought her a new swimming suit, but everything in stores needs to be altered anyway to fit her 4T length and 18 month girth (no, that is not an exaggeration). I've heard there are stores that carry slim sizes, but I didn't have time to order and have it get here before the end of the summer, and I didn't want to pay that much.

Instead I went, armed with a 50% off coupon, to Joann's. Their selection of swimsuit fabric wasn't great (I'll buy online next time), but they did have pink, which is always satisfactory to Olivia. A couple of hours later, I had a suit that actually fit my daughter and with which we were both pleased. I based the pattern on Carmen's swim bottoms (made slightly smaller) and one of Olivia's nightgowns. I love that she's covered on top for modesty and sun-safety, but it still looks like a swimsuit (and it's a two-piece, so she can put it on and go to the bathroom by herself!) And I love that the bottoms actually fit her!

Altogether, I probably spent $6 and 3 hours on the suit (shopping included). Will I do it again? Absolutely. (But maybe not next year, because I already found some next-year clearance suits for $4.)

Photo shoot

I took the kids to the portrait studio to get their pictures taken. We got some good ones for the wall and to send to grandparents (and anyone else who wants them - seriously, if you want 50 wallets of each of my kids, just say the word). favorite pictures of the morning were probably these that we didn't buy. They were the last ones taken, and the kids were obviously done. I would absolutely love to have this group framed together on my wall, but couldn't justify paying for it just so I could chuckle and snort as I passed it. At least I get to share them here with you, though. (I just love the succession.)


Olivia's been doing weird things with her smiles recently (much like her hopelessly unphotogenic mother). Can someone teach us how to look normal for the camera?

Carmen is so Carmen.

And here's Damon waking up with a goopy eye. He has a clogged right tear duct. It will be nice when that clears up.