Saturday, October 5, 2013

You've got your hands full!

Yes, ladies in the store, I do. But you know, the moment I'm trying to suppress my two year old's meltdown after being torn away from the Dr. Scholl's machine, minutes after he decided to nosedive out of the shopping cart, and my poopy baby has also started to scream, having you come up and snicker that at me makes me want to go all Chuck Norris on you. "Now you've got your face full - of my foot!"

In other news, Damon has learned how to take off all his clothes, including his diaper. He's starting to potty train himself, so it's not too bad...except when he flashes my piano students. Sorry, guys.

Damon also discovered recently that his last name is Brown. Just a couple of minutes ago he came up and pointed to himself and said, "Damon Brown." He pointed to me. "Mommy Brown." He ran over to Miles. "Miles Brown." Then he started looking around the room. "Fish Brown. Book Brown. Chair Brown." Well, I guess so. Damon also recently discovered that Daddy is also Steven, and likes to occasionally interchange them. He hasn't figured out my name yet, though.

And, speaking of names, Damon is awfully cute at saying "Miles." I'm very happy that he has not acted jealous of his baby brother; on the contrary, he's been very accepting and chill about the whole thing. Damon is always very careful to point out where Miles' car seat goes in the car; he doesn't want to go anywhere without him. He also likes to get diapers for him - he grabs one (or many), tosses it at him, and says, "Here ya go, Miles." Miles is a good fourth child and has been very resilient to having diapers and many other things tossed at him.

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The Looney Writer said...

This one is making me laugh so hard! Of course, that could have something to do with it being past midnight, but I doubt it, since this is situation normal for me.