Friday, September 12, 2014

Miles' questionaire

Miles turned 1 a few months ago, and I planned on blogging about it. While cleaning up the computer desktop I found this survey I completed for him. I think I just searched for "Getting to know you" questions, and completed it as if I were him. Some has changed in the past few months...but not much.

Miles at 1 – survey completed by his mother 
1.    Do you have brothers or sisters? If so, how many? The other short people in my house are one loud girl who says strange things to me and gets in my face all the time, and a quiet girl who tries to carry me everywhere, and a loud boy who takes away any toy I am playing with.
2. What is your favorite activity? Attacking socks.
3. What is your least favorite activity? Getting my diaper changed.
4. What is your favorite school subject? The Very Hungry Caterpillar
5. Have you been involved (or are you hoping to become involved) in any school activities (clubs, sports, etc.)? If so, which ones? I try to be very involved in anything my mom is doing – at the very least, when I notice she is involved with something, I toddle over and grab her legs until she picks me up. Then I scream at her and try to grab everything, especially if it looks dangerous.
6. What is your favorite type of music? “My Pigeon House.”

Please complete the sentences below.
7. On the weekends I like to…scream at my mother during church. If daddy holds me, I sit passively.
8. Someone I admire is _Mommy_ because…she’s the center of my life.
9. If I could go anywhere for a day, I would go…up.
10. I learn the most when the teacher…repeats the same thing, over and over.
11. I learn the most when I…can touch it with my slobbery little hands and mouth.
12. I don’t like it when teachers…take away the stuff I want to slobber on.
13. I don’t like it when I’m asked to…stop destroying things and/or wait for food.
14. After high school, I will probably…be potty trained.

15. My ideal job would be…to be hip jewelry.

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